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Mensagem por uNreal 11/7/2020, 02:30

  1. Load vulnerable driver
  2. Map physical memory to user-mode
  3. Search for certain offsets (UniqueProcessId, DirectoryTableBase, ActiveProcessLinks)
  4. Save current EProcess and CR3 values for user-mode use
  5. Allocate enough kernel pool memory for our injector stub and image
  6. Unload vulnerable driver
  7. Map our image to the kernel memory (Fix .relocs and create a stub that gets the imports for us as I cannot bother reading EProcess->Peb)
  8. Wait for target process
  9. Expose the kernel page to target process
  10. Hook TlsGetValue system-wide and make it check for pid before jumping to our stub at kernel memory
  11. Wait for Stub->SpinningThreadCount to be non zero
  12. Unhook TlsGetValue, set Stub->Free = TRUE
  13. Profit.

[Source] ThePerfectInjector UZIwU-1-1024x515

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